UX Expertise on demand 

In agile product development, UX roles often need to be filled at short notice.
This is where on demand UX experts can help. They work closely with agile teams to develop user-friendly, useful and enjoyable products and services for users.

On demand UX support within product teams

Interim UX Concept Lead

·  Responsible for UX concept
·  Leads UX Designers
·  Maintains UX Kanban Board
·  Takes part in agile ceremonies
·  Leads UX workshops
·  Coordinates design reviews
·  Coordinates UX research activities

Interim UX Designer

·  Develops UX concepts
·  Develops UI designs
·  Develops design patterns
·  Builds prototypes
·  Maintains user journeys

Interim UX Manager

·  Coordinates UX activities 
·  Ensures User Centricity
·  Ensures UX Alignment
·  Ensures operational efficiency
·  Ensures UX Excellence

Product Discovery 

During product discovery, a common understanding of why a product should be developed must be created. Carrying out this work makes it more likely to create products users actually want and need. To support this, interim UX Concept Leads and UX Designers work closely with the product team.

On demand UX support during Product Discovery

Problem Definition 

User research to create a common understanding of the users and the problems to be solved.

Concept Ideation

UX workshops to develop initial ideas together and create a common understanding of the product to be developed.

Concept Validation

User testing to validate design hypotheses with users and incorporate their feedback into the development process at an early stage.

Product Delivery

During delivery phase it must be ensured that UX can work hand-in-hand with development in an agile environment to continuously deliver working designs and software to users. To support this, interim UX Concept Leads and UX Designers work closely with the Scrum team.

On demand UX support during Product Delivery

UX Planing

Prioritization of initiatives/EPICs that need to be prepared for coming development sprints.

UX Concept

Development of low fidelity wireframes and user flows as a basis for further consultation. 

UI Design

Preparation of high fidelity UI designs ready for development.

Testing & Quality Assurance 

Regular user testing and design quality assurance of implemented UI designs.

UX Management

User Experience refers to the overall experience users have when interacting with products and services. It encompasses all aspects of the user's interaction, including how easy services are to use and how well they meet the user’s needs and expectations. In order to ensure an excellent user experience, interim UX Managers coordinate UX activities across product teams.

On demand UX Management across product teams

User Centricity

Creating awareness for putting the user at the center of all considerations

UX Alignment

Ensuring consistent experiences across all products and services

Operational Efficiency

Providing efficient and effective UX services and UX workflows for product teams.

UX Excellence 

Ensuring excellent user experience and measurable impact of UX


"With over 25 years of experience in User Centered Design, I coordinate UX activities in product teams in terms of UX alignment, operational efficiency and user centricity. It is always fascinating for me to work together with domain experts from various backgrounds and companies to develop easy-to-use, useful and enjoyable products and services for users."

Oliver Dürr

Certified User Experience Professional, Certified Scrum Product Owner, Diplom Designer (FH), Master of Arts (MA), Master of Business Administration (MBA), Managing Director Leadium GmbH & Co. KG


Certified User Experience Professional

Certified since April 2019
Nielsen Norman Group


Certified Scrum
Product Owner

Certified since February 2017
Scrum Alliance


Member of association of the  German Usability and User Experience Professionals

Member since January 2017
German UPA


Consulting Liability insurance

Insured since July 2016
Exali AG

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